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It's official. Auckland Transport has now lodged Notices of Requirement (NORs) with Auckland Council for designations for works to be undertaken in relation to the City Rail Link.

Consultants are sharpening their pencils and sending cold call letters to various property owners along the designated route. They are offering their services in acting as experts on behalf of those property owners in relation to sale of land and/or the granting of easement rights, which will need to be negotiated with Auckland Council and Auckland Transport before the City Rail Link proceeds.

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The Bill

Mid-August quietly saw in the introduction of the Land Transport Management Amendment Bill (Bill) to the House. See here for a copy of this Bill.

The Bill amends the Land Transport Management Act 2003 (Act) by simplifying the planning and funding framework, and repealing the Act's regional fuel tax provisions. Specifically the Bill:

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The second National Infrastructure Plan was released on 4 July 2011. Prepared by the National Infrastructure Unit, the Plan records its vision that, by 2030, New Zealand's infrastructure will be resilient and coordinated and contributing to economic growth and increased quality of life.

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